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If you are looking for custom models or software we can build you a solution!

While we are focused in auto racing, we have done several non-auto racing related projects in the past. We like to create software that really enhances the user experience. With today’s powerful tablets and computers it is easy for us to create a high impact user experience for you and your client.

We have two basic payment structures, exclusive and non-exclusive. I try to recommend Non-exclusive to our clients since we charge a lower rate of only 30usd per hour. That allows us to re-use or resell it at a later date to help recover the cost. It’s a great option for smaller projects. Exclusive work is estimated at 50usd per hour. If you are looking to wow your clients, please contact us with your questions and project details.

Contact info:
Galesville WI.

Below here are some example of our custom software solutions.

Factory Five Virtual Garage Program

We worked with Factory Five Racing to create a virtual garage setting that would allow customers to create the MK4 Roadster in a virtual setting. The program also allowed the user to pick different paint colors at the end of the build so users could see what their car would look like when it was completed. The program also has several interactive tools. The users can save the build locally, take photos of the car and share the car and virtual photos via Facebook. We enjoyed working on this project and see lots of potential for our tech on similar projects


Custom Models And Software For Sponsor Presentation

For the 2013 season we worked directly with JTG Daugherty racing to create the brand new gen6 nascar. We were able to meet on site and work with them on several items since we are located in North Carolina. We provided them with a pre-built max render scene as well as several interactive software solutions for having an high impact presentation for sponsors and clients. Both on-site and and remotely though the web. We structured our software so it’s simple to use and and update, with no maintenance from us.

Custom Software And Games On Mobile Devices

Since early 2012 we have been creating programs and games to run on mobile devices. This is a great area that has lots of potential. Example, instead of just showing a few rendered images in your presentation. You can impress your client by having our software, this created a lasting impression by allowing your client to physically interact with your presentation. We have seen great results from allowing clients to interact with the subject mater first hand. With our background in games we are able to create these high impact experiences. It’s all about creating an intuitive experience that users can just pick up and play.


The Lacrosse Fairgrounds Speedway Game

We created this racing program for a small 5/8 mile race track in Wisconsin. The game is extremely fun to play and well reviewed by sim racers. We have seen many countless bad flash racing games. We wanted to create something that was a quality product and that people would enjoy. This game also has the ability to send a challenge to your friends via Facebook.

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