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2018 NASCAR Camaro


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Here is the 2018 Chevy Camaro that will be used in the 2018 NASCAR season.

Good news, this model is free to download for non-commercial projects. If you want to use it for a commercial purpose, just contact us to obtain permission.

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2017 SS Chevrolet NASCAR 3D Model


This is a High poly model of the new Nascar 2017 COT SS Chevy.

The model has a easy and spaced out unwrap. With the new body have so many new hard lines it has been broke up to minimize unwrap pinching. The nose also represents the latest rules change.

The package comes with a 4096×4096 PSD file. If you are using the max file, the render scene has been optimized to render very quickly. 2 Max files are includes, one has the dark background and the other file includes blank background for generating an alpha image. The FBX file is just the car with no camera or lighting.

We can also provide an interactive program that you can sent to clients to impress during your presentation. Check out the preview files to see an example. Please contact us to learn more about the program.

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Latemodel Stockcar 3D Model


This 3D asset is model to resemble many of the latemodel stock cars you see at your local speedway. Just like the real car it uses a generic body panels that can be covered by any sort of sticker or decal you need for your project or proposal.

This model works great for both real time or render projects. The package includes 3 levels of detail meshes if you are working with real time projects, or need to fill in the background of a render with lower poly versions of the primary asset. The panels, real bumper, front bumper, hood are all separate parts that can be removed, animated or rigged as damage parts in a video game.

3D models include both 3ds max and FBX formats. Detailed PSD files with multiple layers included!

Poly Counts:
LOD0: Chassis 27,400 – Wheel 2400
LOD1: Chassis 6000 – Wheel 740
LOD2: Chassis 158 – Wheel 12

The scene comes pre-setup with camera angles and setup ready to render. All you need to do is update the body texture and hit render!re.

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Game Ready Garage 3D Model

This Garage/Mechanic Shop Interior model has been optimized to be used with many types of game applications, from mobile to PC. The max scene comes with a pre-made lighting setup to simulate game lighting. This scene is only of the interior, nothing exists past the inside walls outside.

The main goal for this asset was to create an interesting looking background for games when you are selecting or upgrading a vehicle in-game.

Beside the rendered video below, you can preview this asset in real time below in the web demo using the Unity 3D software.

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Game Ready Indycar 3D Model

This open wheel Indycar mesh has been optimized to run with many cars on screen for real time applications. The targeted for mobile and web based programs. The model includes an secondary LOD mesh that reduces the poly count to a quarter of the primary LOD which will allow you to have more cars on screen. You can preview the LOD images below with wire frame images and triangle counts.

The unwrap has an easy to PSD file which will allow you to create countless textures for your application. The package comes with 4 pre-done textures to help you get started. The package also includes layers to pre-blur the wheel textures and a per-baked ground shadow if you are using projectors to generate shadows.

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Kansas Speedway 3D Model

This is a clone of the Kansas Speedway. The track is 1.5 mile long and it has the same layout as the Kansas Speedway. This scene is very similar to the real location, but with a few small tweaks. Note, this asset uses multiple texture types, jpg, tga and dds.

This is a game ready race track for use in any type of game ready project. The entire track is under 246,250 polygons. Detail focus was on the inner racetrack. The only detail outside of the oval is the grandstands. The infield is detailed with pit boxes, campers, and semi trucks.

Track shape, Tri-Oval
Banking, Turns – 15deg
Front Straight, – 10.4deg
Back Straight, – 5deg

Main download version:
Verts: 175224
Faces: 246250

Bonus game version (3ds Max version only):
Verts: 44160
Faces: 61895

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Game Ready 2002-2008 Stock Car Racer 3D Model

A low polygon stock car game model. Resembling stock cars from 2002-2008.

This Stock car is great for any real time project, game or pre-render. The car is un-wrapped so creating to skins would be very easy! This car includes 3 types of stockcars models: Dodge, Pontiac, and Chevy.

As an extra download I have included a texture of the #9 Kasey Kahne car. The PSD file includes shading and multiple layers for each car type.

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Game Ready Indianapolis Speedway 3D Model

This model is optimized to run great on mobile and web based devices. The detail was focused down to be optimal from the driver point of view.

The track model is modeled after both tracks located at indy, the oval and road course. The asset uses both psd and png files for the texture surfaces. Please review our video of this asset running in real time on mobile.

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Daytona Speedway 3D Model


Daytona Speedway: This track is ideal for any real-time project or pre-render animation.

This track is a duel purpose race track. It’s just not a 2.5 mile speedway oval, it also has the 3.56 mile road course built into it. This model can be used for any type of project, real time, or pre-rendered. The preview movie and all sample screenshots were taken using the scan line renderer. Please check out the preview files.

This is a game ready race track, that can be used in any type of project. The entire track is around 350,000 polygons. Detail focus was on the inner racetrack. The only detail outside of the oval is the grandstands. The infield is detailed with pit boxes, campers, buildings and semi trucks. All textures are the power of 2. The max file format still has the camera track as part of the file.

This track comes with 2 configurations. The oval speedway and road course. The oval speedway is 352,818 polys, while the road course configuration is 309,686 polys. If you need to have a lower poly count for a slower real time app, all of the pedestrian vehicles models account for 149,144 polys. You can remove or adjust them to get a much lower total poly count.

** The animation seen in the below video is included! **

Banking: 31° Turns, 18° Tri-oval, 2° Back straightaway
Oval Speedway Length: 2.5 miles (4 kilometres) Turns: 4
Road Course Length: 3.56 miles (5.7 kilometres) Turns: 12

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Game Ready 70’s Demolition Impala 3D Model

Based off of the 70’s Chevy Impala, this car was build to resemble a demolition vehicle.

It comes all PSD’d Jpg’s and DDS images including several different paint schemes. The car is parted out so animating or rigging it would be very easy to implement. The model is also segmented in a way that you could damage it in your 3d tool or procedurally in any type of game application.

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