2005 Ford Mustang GT 3D Model

There is nothing else that says modern American sporty car better than this new Mustang. Its combination of high style, and performance that can’t be beat. The Ford Mustang has been the icon of American performance since its 1964 introduction, popular for its bold style, rear-wheel drive performance and affordable price. The Mustang started the ponycar genre, and now, after 40 years of competition with the Camaro, Firebird and others, it’s the only one left. The new Mustang represents a clean-sheet design, riding on an all-new platform. It’s faster, more agile and better looking than ever.

This model was built for any type of use, it has a around 5000 poly count so it can be used in real time rendering for games or presentations. But it still looks good enough to use in stills, or any type of pre-rendered project.

It uses one 1024×1024, The detail is very large on this texture so it can be sampled down to a lower resolution without much loss of quality. The inside is very basic, with the tinted windows, you can see though to the other windows, instead of just blocking it off with a fake solid glass texture. All the detail is on the out side.

3ds Max 2009
FBX Format
3DS Format
Custom Format
Triangles: 5,329
Vertices: 3,188
Textured, Materials, UV-Mapped

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