2010 Toyota Camry Nationwide NASCAR 3D Model

This is a model that replicates the Nascar Nationwide series Toyota Camry that was used for the last year in 2010. This model is great for rendering templates and paint schemes.

This body shape also closely resembles many late model stock car bodies you find at local speedways.

I created a simple layout on a 2048×2048 (psd) texture. The max scene also includes all textures. All renders were created with the scan line render.

The car mesh is around 32,000 polys. It also includes 2 types of wheels, low and high detail versions. The inside of the car was modeled and textures to appear to be in dark shadow. Reducing polycount inside the car would increase render times.

3ds Max 9.0
FBX Format
Custom Format
Triangles: 32,000
Vertices: 19,000
Textured, Materials, UV-Mapped

NW2010Toyota_11 NW2010Toyota_10 NW2010Toyota_09 NW2010Toyota_08 NW2010Toyota_07 NW2010Toyota_06 NW2010Toyota_05 NW2010Toyota_04 NW2010Toyota_03 NW2010Toyota_02 NW2010Toyota_01 NW2010Toyota_12