2012 Chevy Impala NASCAR 3D Model

This Racecar model can be used for any type of 3d animation or next generation real time application. This car is modeled after the new 2012 rules changes made in Feb. 2012. Including the 2 main vehicle variations for super speedways and normal tracks. The car body is very accurate and turbo smooth can be used on the main body.

This model comes with several sets of extra tires. In case you need to reduce your poly count, you can use one of the optimized wheel sets. The car body and frame are under 18,000 polys alone without wheels.

All textures are included, including the 4096 PSD source for the car body so you can easily create your own textures. If you plan to use the FBX or OBJ versions, you still need to download the MAX file, because all of the textures are stored in that zip file.

3ds Max 9.0
FBX Format
OBJ Format
Custom Format
Triangles: 32,000
Vertices: 60,000
Textured, Materials, UV-Mapped

2012Chevy_01 2012Chevy_14 2012Chevy_13 2012Chevy_12 2012Chevy_10 2012Chevy_09 2012Chevy_08 2012Chevy_07 2012Chevy_06 2012Chevy_05 2012Chevy_04 2012Chevy_03 2012Chevy_02 2012Chevy_cover