2015 Game Ready Nascar 3D Model

The model uses 2465 triangles in total, so it is very mobile friendly. The outer body uses a normal map to generate the high detail on the surface. The body alone is only 634 tris, the source model to generate this normal map was around 800,000. The entire car is made of of several parts: body, frame, wheels, glass, etc… The car is based off of the 2014 – 2015 nascar chevy.

The PSD files are included and the unwrap is simple and easy to use, so creating your own unique car textures will be easy.

Please Contact us to learn more about the program.

3ds Max 2009
FBX Format
Custom Format
Triangles: 2465
Vertices: 1604
Textured, Materials, UV-Mapped

*Fast forward to 1:00 in this video to see this model in game.

Unity_Nascar_01 Unity_Nascar_02 Unity_Nascar_03 Unity_Nascar_05 Unity_Nascar_04 Unity_Nascar_06 Unity_Nascar_07 Unity_Nascar_08 Unity_Nascar_09 Unity_Nascar_10 Unity_Nascar_11 Unity_Nascar_12