2015 Toyota Camry NASCAR


The model has a easy and spaced out unwrap. With the new body have so many new hard lines it has been broke up to minimize unwrap pinching. The package comes with a 4096×4096 PSD file.

If you are using the max file, the render scene has been optimized to render very quickly. I have an older quad core, and it can complete the 10 image render batch in about 15 minutes.

We can also provide an interactive program that you can sent to clients to impress during your presentation. Check out the preview files to see an example. Please Contact us to learn more about the program.


Formats: Max 9, FBX + PSD Files.
Triangles: 80,000
Vertices: 35,111
Smoothed: 700,000
Textured, Materials, UV-Mapped

img_01 img_07 img_06 img_05 img_04 img_03 img_02 img_08 img_09 img_10 img_11