Barber Motorsports Park 3D Model

The Barber Motorsports Park is a large multi-purpose racing facility on a 740-acre (300 ha) site in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. Barber is the home of the North American Porsche Driving School,the Kevin Schwantz Motorcycle School and the 2010 IRL IndyCar Series Grand Prix of Alabama.

This model was built by hand to match the real race track as near as posible with all public data. This model also includes the car seen in the preview images and videos pre-animated for you to use. The total triangle count is around 300,000 so will work great for pre-renders, and with a little tweaking it will be suitable for real time projects and simulations.

If you remove the trees, bushes and pit boxes the triangle count is cut in half! Please note that this model uses mostly DDS formatted images, not compatible on Mac. If you have problems opening the dds images, you can download programs to convert them to any other format. (Example Irfanview software).


Formats: Max 9, + PSD Files.
Triangles: 211,995
Vertices: 310,303
Textured, Materials, UV-Mapped

skip_barber_01 skip_barber_23 skip_barber_02 skip_barber_24 skip_barber_22 skip_barber_21 skip_barber_20 skip_barber_19 skip_barber_18 skip_barber_17 skip_barber_16 skip_barber_15 skip_barber_14 skip_barber_13 skip_barber_12 skip_barber_11 skip_barber_10 skip_barber_09 skip_barber_08 skip_barber_07 skip_barber_06 skip_barber_05 skip_barber_04 skip_barber_03