Bathurst Racing Circuit Game Ready 3D Model

The model includes track, track overlays, starting grid, pits, roads, gravel, and grass sections, plus paths, roads, fences, walls, tyrewalls, kerbs, bridges, grandstands, tents, buildings, telephone lines, cones, flags, vehicles, advertising, 3d and 2d trees / bushes, crowd and marshalls, and a skydome.

All 64 textures and opacity maps are included and are game-ready (512×512 or 1024×1024 pixels).
All images are taken from the max viewport, showing the model with realtime lighting and shadows.

3ds Max 9.0
FBX Format
3DS Format
Custom Format
Polygons: 172,366
Vertices: 147,992
Textured, Materials, UV-Mapped

Bathurst_01  Bathurst_18 Bathurst_17 Bathurst_16 Bathurst_15 Bathurst_14 Bathurst_13 Bathurst_06 Bathurst_05 Bathurst_04 Bathurst_03 Bathurst_02 Bathurst_23 Bathurst_22 Bathurst_21 Bathurst_20 Bathurst_19 Bathurst_12 Bathurst_11 Bathurst_10 Bathurst_09 Bathurst_08 Bathurst_07 Bathurst_24