Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix 3D Model

Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix: This track is ideal for any real-time project or pre-render animation.

This is a 3d model of the Belle Isle road course located in Detroit Michigan. The entire scene is 380,000 triangles. But if you would like it to reduce the triangle count for real time applications you can remove the trees, which would reduce the scene triangle count to about 100,000 tris.

This scene also includes an sample animation lap. You can preview it in the video, as well as see some frames included in the preview images. You can attach your own car model to the 4 wheel and 1 body dummies included in the scene. Note, the asset uses several image format types: DDS, JPG, TGA & TIF.

This model is a game ready for any type of project. All of the detail was focused near the track to keep the poly count low. The infield is detailed with pit boxes, campers, semi trucks and grand stands. The trees are higher detail, but can be removed.

Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix: Circuit Length 2.07 mi (3.33 km) with 14 Turns.


Formats: Max 9, FBX
Polygons: 333,072
Triangles: 379,584
Vertices: 249,781
Textured, Materials, UV-Mapped

Detroit_03 Detroit_02 Detroit_11 Detroit_10 Detroit_09 Detroit_08 Detroit_07 Detroit_06 Detroit_05 Detroit_04