Game Ready 2002-2008 Stock Car Racer 3D Model

A low polygon stock car game model. Resembling stock cars from 2002-2008.

This Stock car is great for any real time project, game or pre-render. The car is un-wrapped so creating to skins would be very easy! This car includes 3 types of stockcars models: Dodge, Pontiac, and Chevy.

As an extra download I have included a texture of the #9 Kasey Kahne car. The PSD file includes shading and multiple layers for each car type.

3ds Max 9.0
FBX Format
DirectX ( .X )
Custom Format
Triangles: 6,100
Vertices: 5,500
Textured, Materials, UV-Mapped

GameReadStockcar_01 GameReadStockcar_02 GameReadStockcar_03 GameReadStockcar_04 GameReadStockcar_05 GameReadStockcar_06 GameReadStockcar_07 GameReadStockcar_08 GameReadStockcar_09 GameReadStockcar_10