Game Ready Indycar 3D Model

This open wheel Indycar mesh has been optimized to run with many cars on screen for real time applications. The targeted for mobile and web based programs. The model includes an secondary LOD mesh that reduces the poly count to a quarter of the primary LOD which will allow you to have more cars on screen. You can preview the LOD images below with wire frame images and triangle counts.

The unwrap has an easy to PSD file which will allow you to create countless textures for your application. The package comes with 4 pre-done textures to help you get started. The package also includes layers to pre-blur the wheel textures and a per-baked ground shadow if you are using projectors to generate shadows.

3ds Max 9.0
FBX Format
OBJ Format
3DS Format
Custom Format
Triangles: 1,549
Vertices: 980
Triangles: 391
Vertices: 340
Textured, Materials, UV-Mapped

*Race track model and software not included with this package.

indy_12_0000 indy_12_0000wire indy_12_0000_LOD indy_12_0000_LOD_Wire indy_12_0001 indy_12_0002 indy_12_0003 indy_12_0004 indy_12_0005 indy_12_0006 indy_12_0007 indy_12_0008 indy_12_0009 indy_12_0006 indy_09_0000 indy_09_0004 indy_03_0000 indy_03_0002 indy_03_0004 indy_01_0000 indy_01_0002 indy_01_0004texture