Game Ready Lotus Elise Exige S1 3D Model

The model includes 3d wheels, brake discs / callipers, suspension, radio aerials, wipers, fuel filler, exhausts and rear diffuser, plus a full virtual interior, including steering wheel, rollcage, fire extinguisher, dashboard, switches and racing seats.

All mesh parts have pivots assigned ready for animating and include smoothing, so the model is suitable for real-time lighting / reflections.

Materials include 1 for glass, 1 for chrome (mirrors) and 2 textured materials, 1 reflective and 1 non reflective, ready for adding realtime reflections. No multi-subobject materials are used.

All parts are textured using 1 1024×1024 texture page, which is provided as a JPG in the 6 official colours. The Photoshop file used to produce them is also provided, which includes layers for body colour, decals, trim, etc.

3ds Max 2009
FBX Format
Blender Format
3DS Format
Custom Format
Triangles: 9,806
Vertices: 6,515
Textured, Materials, UV-Mapped

LotusElise_01 LotusElise_02 LotusElise_03 LotusElise_04 LotusElise_05 LotusElise_06 LotusElise_10 LotusElise_11 LotusElise_12 LotusElise_13 LotusElise_14 LotusElise_15 LotusElise_07 LotusElise_08 LotusElise_09 LotusElise_16 LotusElise_17 LotusElise_18