Game Ready NASCAR COT Toyota 3D Model

COT stands for Car Of Tomorrow. In 2007 Nascar implemented this new style of stock car to improve safety and competition. This model was build ideally for game usage, but will work well in any type of pre-render environment.

Please check out the preview files, included are high-rez renders as well as a controllable 360° preview program of the model. All images were created using the default scanline render system, ‘light tracer’ was enabled for the wire frames.

The model is made up of only 3 textures; body, wheel, and glass. The max and 3ds file both point to 1024 & 512 DDS textures, you can find the 2048 PSD file included in the bonus content.

The entire poly count including wheels and under body is 5407, with 3345 vertices.

The PSD included all the basic layers as displayed on the yellow version of the car, as well as the bonus Tony Stewart. 2008 paint scheme.

3ds Max 9.0
.3ds Format
DirectX ( .X )
Custom Format
Triangles: 5407
Vertices: 3345
Textured, Materials, UV-Mapped

GameReadyToyota_01 GameReadyToyota_02 GameReadyToyota_03 GameReadyToyota_04 GameReadyToyota_05 GameReadyToyota_06 GameReadyToyota_07 GameReadyToyota_08 GameReadyToyota_09 GameReadyToyota_10 GameReadyToyota_11 GameReadyToyota_12 GameReadyToyota_13 GameReadyToyota_14 GameReadyToyota_15 GameReadyToyota_16 GameReadyToyota_17 GameReadyToyota_18