Latemodel Stockcar 3D Model


This 3D asset is model to resemble many of the latemodel stock cars you see at your local speedway. Just like the real car it uses a generic body panels that can be covered by any sort of sticker or decal you need for your project or proposal.

This model works great for both real time or render projects. The package includes 3 levels of detail meshes if you are working with real time projects, or need to fill in the background of a render with lower poly versions of the primary asset. The panels, real bumper, front bumper, hood are all separate parts that can be removed, animated or rigged as damage parts in a video game.

3D models include both 3ds max and FBX formats. Detailed PSD files with multiple layers included!

Poly Counts:
LOD0: Chassis 27,400 – Wheel 2400
LOD1: Chassis 6000 – Wheel 740
LOD2: Chassis 158 – Wheel 12

The scene comes pre-setup with camera angles and setup ready to render. All you need to do is update the body texture and hit render!re.

3ds Max 9.0
FBX Format
Custom Format
Ploys: 27,000
Triangles: 48,000
Textured, Materials, UV-Mapped

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