NASCAR Ford Mustang Xfinity 3D Model

This is a model that replicates the new Nascar Nationwide series COT car originally from the 2010 season. This car is still used in in 2015 in the Xfinity series. This model is great for rendering templates and paint schemes.

I created a simple layout on a 2048×2048 (psd) texture. The max scene also includes all textures including the HDR image. All renders were created with the scan line render.

The car mesh is around 30,500 polys. Each wheel is under 1500 polys and can be smoothed. It also comes with extra low poly real-time tires. The inside of the car was modeled and textures to appear to be in dark shadow. Reducing polycount inside the car to increase render times.

Please watch the 360° preview to get a better view of the vehicle.

Please note, if you are not using going to use the max file, depending on your 3d software you might need to re-apply the textures to the 3ds or obj formats.

3ds Max 9.0
FBX Format
Triangles: 31,500
Vertices: 18,500<
Textured, Materials, UV-Mapped

xfin_14_Ford_01 xfin_14_Ford_09 xfin_14_Ford_08 xfin_14_Ford_07 xfin_14_Ford_06 xfin_14_Ford_05 xfin_14_Ford_04 xfin_14_Ford_03 xfin_14_Ford_02