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Indianapolis shaped Raceway & Road Course 3D Model

This is a clone of the Indianapolis speedway. Note this track is similar in look and shape, but is not the same. This model works great for mobile and web based games!

The track is 2.5 miles long and the oval track has the classic layout of the INDY. But the road course and interior objects are different then the real location. This scene is very similar to the real location, but with a few small tweaks, and no logos.

This is a game ready race track for use in any type of game ready project. The entire track is under 86,200 polygons. Detail focus was on the inner racetrack. The only detail outside of the oval is the grandstands. This model also includes a ‘Shadow mesh’ that lines up with the inside terrain, and fakes a pre-burned in shadow, see above image.

The max file utilizes all DDS textures. The 3DS file uses a majority of JPG formatted images and 3 DDS images with an alpha layer.

The Alpha Fan layers can be removed, but if you use the ‘card spectators’ they would increase your poly count.

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Watkins Glen International 3D Model

This is a clone of Watkins Glen. The track has 2 main courses, identical to the original speedway. This scene is very similar to the real location, but with a few small tweaks, and removable logos.

This model is a game ready for any type of project. The entire track has around 148929 Faces. ALl of the detail was focused near the track to keep the poly count low. The infield is detailed with pit boxes, campers, semi trucks and trees.

Watkins Glen International (nicknamed ‘The Glen’) is an auto race track located near Watkins Glen, New York

Grand Prix Course: Circuit Length 3.40 mi (5.43 km) with 11 Turns.1971 Six Hours Course: Circuit Length 2.454 mi (4.06 km) with 8 turns.

** #9 race car IS included with animation!!! **

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Twin Ring Motegi Road Course & Oval 3D Model

Twin Ring Motegi is a motorsport race track located at Motegi, Japan. It was built in 1997 by Honda, as part of Honda’s effort to bring the IndyCar Series to Japan, helping to increase their knowledge of American open-wheel racing.

This asset has both the road course and oval tracks included. The model has a “_Collision” object hidden if you need to simulate any physics based driving on the surface. Most the detail is within the track. It has been built to be optimized from the drivers point of view. The model uses a mix of texture formats: JPG TGA and DDS. Please note that some software packages do not open DDS images. You will need to convert these images to another format using Photoshop or a free program like Irfanview.

This asset was built in 3ds studio max 9. We’ve provided an FBX version of this track in the download, so that you can import this model into most any other 3d software package. Please note the car in the photo is not included.

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Road America 3D Model

This is a game ready race track for use in any type of game ready project. The entire track is around 295,000 polygons. Detail focus was on the inner racetrack. The only detail outside of the oval is the grandstands. The infield is detailed with pit boxes, campers, buildings and semi trucks. All textures are the power of 2 and either DDS, jpg and psd formats.

Track info: Road America is a road course located near Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin on Wisconsin Highway 67. It has hosted races since the 1950s and currently hosts races in the SCCA Speed World Challenge Series, American Le Mans, ASRA, and AMA Superbike series. On June 19, 2010, the track held its first NASCAR event since 1956 when the Nationwide Series took to the track for the Bucyrus 200.

Surface: Asphalt
Length: 4.048 mi (6.515 km)
Turns: 14

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Generic NASCAR Race Truck Game Ready 3D Model

This model was created to look like today’s style of stock truck, or pro truck auto racing. This model is game ready and it comes with 3 different versions. As well as still and spin textures for the wheels. The 1024 PSD has all the layers broke up into different details, so you can easily make changes. This model is ideal for any real-time project. I have also included an Direct X version if your software calls for that type of model.

Each truck is around 3100 polys, while each wheel is 236 polys.
Game engine tested, check out the wire frame to see for your self.

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2015 Game Ready Nascar 3D Model

The model uses 2465 triangles in total, so it is very mobile friendly. The outer body uses a normal map to generate the high detail on the surface. The body alone is only 634 tris, the source model to generate this normal map was around 800,000. The entire car is made of of several parts: body, frame, wheels, glass, etc… The car is based off of the 2014 – 2015 nascar chevy.

The PSD files are included and the unwrap is simple and easy to use, so creating your own unique car textures will be easy.

Please Contact us to learn more about the program.

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2005 Ford Mustang GT 3D Model

There is nothing else that says modern American sporty car better than this new Mustang. Its combination of high style, and performance that can’t be beat. The Ford Mustang has been the icon of American performance since its 1964 introduction, popular for its bold style, rear-wheel drive performance and affordable price. The Mustang started the ponycar genre, and now, after 40 years of competition with the Camaro, Firebird and others, it’s the only one left. The new Mustang represents a clean-sheet design, riding on an all-new platform. It’s faster, more agile and better looking than ever.

This model was built for any type of use, it has a around 5000 poly count so it can be used in real time rendering for games or presentations. But it still looks good enough to use in stills, or any type of pre-rendered project.

It uses one 1024×1024, The detail is very large on this texture so it can be sampled down to a lower resolution without much loss of quality. The inside is very basic, with the tinted windows, you can see though to the other windows, instead of just blocking it off with a fake solid glass texture. All the detail is on the out side.

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Game Ready Lotus Elise Exige S1 3D Model

The model includes 3d wheels, brake discs / callipers, suspension, radio aerials, wipers, fuel filler, exhausts and rear diffuser, plus a full virtual interior, including steering wheel, rollcage, fire extinguisher, dashboard, switches and racing seats.

All mesh parts have pivots assigned ready for animating and include smoothing, so the model is suitable for real-time lighting / reflections.

Materials include 1 for glass, 1 for chrome (mirrors) and 2 textured materials, 1 reflective and 1 non reflective, ready for adding realtime reflections. No multi-subobject materials are used.

All parts are textured using 1 1024×1024 texture page, which is provided as a JPG in the 6 official colours. The Photoshop file used to produce them is also provided, which includes layers for body colour, decals, trim, etc.

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NASCAR Dodge Challenger Xfinity 3D Model

This is a model that replicates the new Nascar Nationwide series COT car for the 2010 season. This model is great for rendering templates and paint schemes.

I created a simple layout on a 2048×2048 (psd) texture. The max scene also includes all textures including the HDR image. All renders were created with the scan line render.

The car mesh is around 30,500 polys. Each wheel is under 1500 polys and can be smoothed. It also comes with extra low poly real-time tires. The inside of the car was modeled and textures to appear to be in dark shadow. Reducing polycount inside the car to increase render times.

Please download the 360° preview to get a better view of the vehicle.

Please note, if you are not using going to use the max file, depending on your 3d software you might need to re-apply the textures to the 3ds or obj formats.

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Game Ready NASCAR COT Ford 3D Model

COT stands for Car Of Tomorrow. In 2007 Nascar implemented this new style of stock car to improve safety and competition. This model was build ideally for game usage, but will work well in any type of pre-render environment.

Please check out the preview files, included are high-rez renders as well as a controllable 360° preview program of the model. All images were created using the default scanline render system, ‘light tracer’ was enabled for the wire frames.

The model is made up of only 3 textures; body, wheel, and glass. The max and 3ds file both point to 1024 & 512 DDS textures, you can find the 2048 PSD file included in the bonus content.

The entire poly count including wheels and under body is 5395, with 3331 vertices.

The PSD included all the basic layers as displayed on the yellow version of the car, as well as the bonus Tony Stewart. 2008 paint scheme

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