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2018 NASCAR Camaro

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Here is the 2018 Chevy Camaro that will be used in the 2018 NASCAR season.

Good news, this model is free to download for non-commercial projects. If you want to use it for a commercial purpose, just contact us to obtain permission.

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Free: Low Poly Free 3D Stockcar


This Stock car is great for any real time project or pre-render. The car is un-wrapped great so creating to skins would be very easy! This car includes 3 types of stockcars models…

This Stock car is great for any real time project. The car is un-wrapped great so creating to skins would be very easy! There is two versions of this model, one is non-damaged, the other is has a damage level. The Damage is broken up into sections, so if you what to only swap out one area you can.

Zip includes PSD”s and 3ds model.

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Free: Game Ready Buggy Model


I built this buggy model a long time ago. I was testing it to use with an unreal mod. But it never was used.

This model was made to work like an off road buggy with the driver seat in the center and a weapon launcher in the front center of the car. The engine model in the rear was setup to pivot and rotate the engine with the one of the suspension arms to create some interesting movement.

The pulleys in the engine were setup to have animated textures to appear that the engine is running.

For anyone else looking to funky buggy in there mod/level/game, here you go.

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Free: Celica GT4 WRC – 1992


Low polygon, game model of the 1992 Rally Celica GT4 WRC.

The model includes 3d wheels, brake discs / callipers, mudflaps, wipers, pop-up headlights, exhaust, optional lamp-pod, plus a full virtual interior, including steering wheel, seq. gearshifter, dashboard, racing seat, fueltank, fire extinguisher and full rollcage.

All mesh parts have pivots assigned ready for animating and include smoothing, so the model is suitable for real-time lighting / reflections.

Texture is provided as an uncompressed 1024×1024 jpg are provided, plus the photoshop file used to produce it, with layers for body colour, decals, glass, trim, etc.

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Factory Five Challenge Series 3D Screensaver


Back in 2007 we released a screensaver program called Screenracer. It was our first 3D software release of any kind. The program was well received and earned a several awards. Over the years this program has slowed in downloads. Since this screensaver is now well over 5 years old, it seems like a good time to just release it for free. The team at Factory Five has been great to us over the years, so it only seems appropriate to release this archived software for free.

Just click on the download and install the screensaver. The default settings are set very low. With today’s newer computers, you should be able to increase the car count to very high, click on “settings” to increase the detail level and set the display resolution to the highest setting with no problems.

The program was built to only work on windows based PC’s. *Note! This is an older program. And is untested on the latest windows 7 platform. So if you have any issues running it, I am very sorry. This program is unsupported and released as-is.

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