Free: Celica GT4 WRC – 1992


Low polygon, game model of the 1992 Rally Celica GT4 WRC.

The model includes 3d wheels, brake discs / callipers, mudflaps, wipers, pop-up headlights, exhaust, optional lamp-pod, plus a full virtual interior, including steering wheel, seq. gearshifter, dashboard, racing seat, fueltank, fire extinguisher and full rollcage.

All mesh parts have pivots assigned ready for animating and include smoothing, so the model is suitable for real-time lighting / reflections.

Texture is provided as an uncompressed 1024×1024 jpg are provided, plus the photoshop file used to produce it, with layers for body colour, decals, glass, trim, etc.


3ds Max 6.0, 3DS Format, FBX Format, PSD File
Polygons: 1917
Vertices: 1354
Textured, Materials,

celica_gt4_09 celica_gt4_08 celica_gt4_07 celica_gt4_06 celica_gt4_05 celica_gt4_04 celica_gt4_03 celica_gt4_02 celica_gt4_01

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  • Erwin  says:

    Awesome!! Thanks!!

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